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Waltham 16s "Crescent Street" 21j Railroad Pocket Watch

Waltham 16s "Crescent Street" 21j Railroad Pocket Watch

Lovely Waltham Crescent Street Railroad grade 16s

Very high quality model 1899 movement, manufactured in 1906 with 21 jewels, those in the top plate in raised gold settings, gold centre wheel and a "Church 1892" micro regulator. When made this movement would have been adjusted in 5 positions + for temperature and isochronism, this giving remarkable accuracy and reliability. The watch has been fully serviced with a new mainspring fitted and is running strongly keeping time to within +10 seconds per day. The watch self starts upon winding, no need to shake it, this a sign that all is well.

The dial is in lovely unmarked condition and complimented by nicely blued heavy railroad hands.

The case in beautiful condition with only very light scratching to the rear cover commensurate with age and normal wear, nice engraved detailing to the side of the case, crown and bow in perfect order.

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