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Best in the Business

For many years I have bought, sold and repaired mechanical watches and in particular, American pocket watches from the 19th and early 20th century. During this time I have received training from the BHI and the Epping Forest Horological club, both of whom I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in clocks and watches. Having now retired from full time employment I am able to give my full attention to what had previously been just a hobby.

Here I am offering for sale predominently American pocket watches but I also stock some Swiss and English pocket watches as well as a selection of vintage wrist watches. I have a large selection of high grade American watches including many Rail Road examples. Every watch will have been fully serviced before sale and comes with a three month conditional guarantee (This has to be conditional as these watches are antiques and will not withstand a hard knock or being dropped, they also will not resist the ingress of water, both these conditions I cannot be responsible for). Under sensible normal useage the watch should not cause problems.I also offer returns with full refund if the watch is not exactly as described on this site.

I can service and repair American pocket watches please ask me for a quotation. Servicing is typically around the £80-£130 mark. Most repairs would include a service as whilst the watch is apart, why not?

Over the years I have accumulated a large stock of parts and material for American watches and also for vintage wrist watches, I am happy to sell most of this material so please contact me with your requirements, I particularly have thousands of balance staffs and mainsprings.

I want to buy your American watch, complete, movement only or parts. I can probably offer you a better price than you would receive at auction or on ebay and with no commissions to pay so please ask for my offer. 

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