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Superb late model Hamilton 992B Railroad watch

Superb late model Hamilton 992B Railroad watch

This is a truly superb Hamilton 992B, one of the last ever made having been produced in 1965, production finally ending in 1969. This one in a beautiful 14K yellow gold filled case.


The 992B movement is synonemous with the very best of the Railroad watch movements as it incorporates all of the very latest technology to provide the most accurate and reliable timepieces ever made. It features 21 jewels with raised gold jewel settings, a fully capped escapement, a solid mono metal balance with an anti magnetic "Elinvar" hairspring, a fully sprung micro-regulator, and full adjustment for timekeeping in 6 positions. This particular movement is in mint mechanical and cosmetic condition, it runs strong and keeps time to within a few seconds per day. It is crown wind and lever set.


The 14K yellow gold filled case is almost mint, it's in superb condition. Screw on/off front and rear covers with both doing so easily and both closing down square and tight. There are no dents, dings or heavy scratches, and no wear through to brass. A super case!

The painted white melamine dial is also in very good order with no chips cracks or hairlines and with all of th eartwork crisp and sharp. A very good set of blued steel heavy spade hands under an as new acrylic crystal.


Overall this is a superb example of this highly collectable Railroad watch, and a true testament to the American watch makers art.

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    I will post this FOC to all UK post codes.

    International buyers please enquire.

    US buyers should incur no import duty as this is an American made watch returning to it's country of origin.

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