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Pocket watch Storage chest.

Pocket watch Storage chest.

A vintage chest with 4 drawers plus a top compartment under the lid, the chest is completely lockable and the key is provided.
This is a vintage chest that has just been professionally re-purposed to accomodate a large collection of pocket watches (or anything else that will fit in the pockets). It has been fully re-lined and the hard wood dividers are professionally made and installed.


Wooden pocket watch campaign chest.

The chest has 5 tiers, the upper tray plus 4 drawers.

Each tier is partitioned into 24 pockets to give a capacity for 120 pocket watches.

The 5th tier is quite deep and has been fitted with ledges to facilitate the addition of a further tray (Tray not included) A tray can be manufactured at additional cost, please speak to me.

Lined in scarlet velvet with light coloured hard wood dividers.

The chest is fully lockable and has a working lock with key

The original brass fittings include drop down handles for each drawer, inset drop down carrying handle to each side of the chest, escutcheon plate and a cartouche on the lid.

Approximate external dimensions are  47cm x 36cm x 35cm tall.

Pocket sizes are:-    74mm x 70mm     Top

                                       73mm x 67mm     tiers 2,  3,  and 4  drawers.

                                       67mm x 63mm     tier 5 (bottom drawer)

  • Shipping and delivery.

    Please enquire about carriage costs as there are a few options, but I doubt it will be particularly cheap.

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