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Magnificent 18s Illinois 23 jewel Bunn Special Railroad!

Magnificent 18s Illinois 23 jewel Bunn Special Railroad!

A truly magnificent watch this, in a gold filled "Box Hinge" open face case.

The movement is a model 6, 23 jewel "Bunn Special" to full Railroad specification. The watch was made in 1912 and is a full plate 18 size. It features 23 jewels with gold screw set jewel settings, gold timing screws, a fully jewelled barrel, a fully jewelled escapement, a Reed micro-regulator and full adjustment in 6 positions. This watch is pendant wound and lever set (remove front cover and withdraw the small lever adjacent to the 2 to set the time). The movement is in tip top mechanical and cosmetic condition. It is running strong for the full length of the wind and is keeping extremely good time. This spectacular movement is finished with beautiful damascene engravings and gold coloured script.

This lovely movement is housed in a stunning gold filled "Box Hinge" open face case from the Fahey watch case company. It has screw on/off front and rear covers, and both do so easily, and also close down square and tight. The case is in fabulous condition considering it's age. The engraved design to the rear cover does show some smoothing due to age and use but there is no wear through to brass, and no dents or dings. The only evident wear is to the top of the bow where wearing against a chain has worn through the gold.

The double sunk white enamel dial with Gothic print is in excellent condition, no chips cracks or visible hairlines, all of the printing crisp. A good set of blued steel heavy spade hands and an unmarked mineral crystal.

Overall, a show stopper of a watch in stunning condition, and working as it should, beautiful!!

  • Care of your antique watch

    This is an antique watch, and whilst it is robust it will not necessarily resist any violent shock such as being dropped or knocked against a hard surface. These watches did not have the shock resistance that we take for granted today as the technology did not exist back then. Similarly, the case is not waterproof  nor will the watch resist becoming magnetised so it should be kept clear of most electrical appliances. Under normal use the watch will give great service if the above points are observed.

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