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Hamilton 19jewel Military Chronograph

Hamilton 19jewel Military Chronograph

Here we have a superb example of the 19 jewel model 23 military chronograph. From a total production of 23000 this one was made in the period 1942-1946. The chronograph is a combined timepiece and stop watch. The watch acting as a normal timepiece whereby the hands indicate the time of day with a sub seconds dial in the 6 position. The centre mounted sweep seconds hand acting as a stop watch along with the upper sub dial being a 30 minute counter. There is a scale around the extreme edge of the main dial calibrated in 0.2secs. 

The watch winds in the usual manner and pulling the crown engages the time setting function. Pressing on the button in the middle of the crown activates the stop watch, start, stop, and reset to zero.

This watch is in super mechanical condition every function works as it was designed to, it runs strong for the full length of the wind and it is keeping really good time. The movement is also in very good cosmetic condition with no evidence of rust or tool marks. It is housed in a nickel plated base metal case that is in super fine condition, and with all of the military engravings clear and precise on the rear cover. There are no dents, dings or wear through to brass.

The black military spec dial is also in superb condition with all of the printing clear and sharp, no chips cracks or hairlines. The hands are in fair condition with just a small trace of oxidation in the centres. All covered by an unmarked acrylic crystal.

This truly is a superb example of this fairly hard to find watch, running exactly as it should.

  • Caring for an antique watch.

    This is an antique watch so it does not have the inbuilt shock protection of a modern timepiece as this technology did not exist when the watch was made. Therefore it will not necessarily resist a sudden shock such as being dropped or knocked hard against a solid object. The watch is not waterproof, and it may be subject to magnetism so it should be kept away from most electrical appliances.

    If these points are observed then the watch will give good service as under normal circumstances it is extremely robust.

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