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Elgin "B W Raymond" 19 jewel Railroad watch

Elgin "B W Raymond" 19 jewel Railroad watch

Lovely 19 jewel "B W Raymond" made by Elgin Watch Company in 1912.

The movement in this beautiful watch is a grade 372, model 15 that has 19 jewels with screw set gold settings, a jewelled barrel, gold timing screws and a travelling nut micro-regulator. The watch is adjusted for timekeeping accuracy in 5 positions. This is a very high quality movement that is in excess of railroad specs at the time. The movement is in tip top mechanical condition having been serviced last December when a new mainspring was also fitted. It runs strong and keeps very good time. The watch is pendant wound and lever set (remove the front cover and withdraw the small lever adjacent to the 1 to set the time).

The beautiful 14K gold filled case by Wadsworth is a "Swing Out" type. It has one removeable cover (front) and the movement is swung out from the main body of the case. To do this, first remove the front screw on cover, then pull on the stem as if going to time set mode in many watches, using the small indentation at the edge of the dial below the 6 the movement can now be swung up and away from the main body of the case. The movement itself is attached to a solid ring which in turn is hinged to the case body below the stem. Take care when returning the movement as it needs to be "Jiggled" into place, do not use force!! This function works as it should, and the front cover screws on and off readily. The case is in lovely overall condition with no dents, dings , heavy scratching or wear through to brass. Just the beginnings of gold loss to the bow where it has worn against a carrying chain.

The rare double sunk white enamel 24 hour "Montgomery" dial is in super condition with no chips, cracks or evident hairlines, and with all of the printing crisp and sharp. A really nice dial!

A good set of heavy spade style hands under a good acrylic crystal completes the picture.

Overall, a fairly scarce Elgin with a very rare dial in super condition and working as it should.

  • care of antique watches

    This is a very robust watch under normal useage, but it does not have the modern inbuilt safety features of today's watches.

    It is not waterproof so if the watch becomes submerged in liquid it will stop. It is not shock proof so a hard knock or dropping the watch could cause damage to the mechanism. It is not anti magnetic so it should not be left in close proximity to any electrical appliance.

    If these points are observed then th ewatch should give good service for another 100 years.

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