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Elgin 21 jewel "Father Time" Railroad pocket watch

Elgin 21 jewel "Father Time" Railroad pocket watch

Beautiful railroad pocket watch from Elgin.

The movement is a 21 jewel "Father Time" which was made in 1911, and features 21 jewels with screw set gold jewel settings, a fully capped escapement, a jeweled barrel, Sapphire pallets, and a "Moseley" travelling nut micro-regulator. This is a really high quality specification and far exceeds the requirements of Railroad specification. The watch had a new mainspring fitted when it was serviced so it is running really well and keeping excellent time. The watch is crown wind and lever set, (open the front cover and withdraw the small lever by the 1 to set the time).

The 25yr gold filled case is in very good condition but all of the gold on the inner dust cover has worn away over the years. The exterior of the case is in fine fettle though with only one ding to the upper left edge of the rear cover. All of the gold is bright and lustrous and the engraved designs are still clear. The rear cover design being particularly attractive. The case has hinged front/rear and internal dust covers and all 3 hinges are good with all 3 covers opening and closing as they should.

This is a super watch, fairly scarce and in excellent condition.

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