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Beautiful type 111  Illinois 60 hr "Bunn Special" Railroad watch.

Beautiful type 111 Illinois 60 hr "Bunn Special" Railroad watch.

Here is a beautiful type 3 Illinois "Bunn Special" 21 jewel railroad watch in a lovely 14K white gold filled "Bunn Special" case by Wadsworth.


This is a type 3 model 14 60 hour movement made by Illinois watch Co. in 1928. It features 21 jewels with screw set gold jewel settings, gold timing screws, gold alloy train wheels, a micro-regulator, and the 60 hour motor barrel. The watch has a good white metal mainspring and does in fact run for the expected 60 hours on one winding (takes a fair amount of winding up though!) The watch is in perfect mechanical condition, running strong in all positions and keeping excellent time to within a few seconds per day. It's also in fine cosmetic condition too.

The watch is crown wind and lever set, both functions working well.


This movement is housed in a gorgeous 14K white gold filled "Bunn Special" case by Wadsworth, and is fully signed within the rear cover to that effect. The case, which has screw on/off front and rear covers, is in super fine condition with no dents, dings or wear through to brass. Both covers remove and replace easily, and close down square and tight. Truly a beautiful case as the white gold has a deep lustrous shine.


The double sunk white enamel dial is also in super fine condition as I can detect no flaws anywhere.

The time being indicated by a good set of black finished, heavy spade style railroad hands, and all under an as new mineral glass crystal.


Overall, superb!!

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