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Stunning solid gold Waltham "Vanguard" wind indicator.

Stunning solid gold Waltham "Vanguard" wind indicator.

This is a truly stunning solid gold 16 size watch from Waltham that keeps astonishingly accurate time. This watch was manufactured in 1924.

The movement in this lovely watch is a model 1908 "Vanguard" grade, featuring 23 lewels with gold settings, gold timing screws, a gold alloy centre wheel, a fully capped escapement, an "Ohlsen" fully sprung micro-regulator, and the patented "Lossier terminal" hairspring. The watch benefits from a new white metal mainspring that was fitted during it's very recent service. This watch is running extremely well and is astonishingly accurate, keeping time to + 2 seconds a day. The wind indicator is working as it should. So the movement is in perfect mechanical condition and excellent cosmetic condition also. This railroad watch is crown wind and lever set (withdraw the small lever adjacent to the 11 to set the time).

The movement is housed in a very slim 14K solid gold case made by the Keystone watch case company. This case is in super condition with no dents, dings or major scratches. It has hinged front and rear covers with a hinged internal dust cover. All of the hinges are good and all covers open and close as they should, closing square and very tight.

The original double sunk white enamel dial is in mint condition, I can find no flaws!

The time indicated by an excellent set of blued steel heavy spade style hands with correct sub seconds, and wind indicator hands. All topped by a clear acrylic crystal.

Overall, an absolutely stunning example of this desireable railroad watch in fabulous condition and running to perfection.

  • Antique watches

    It is important to remember that this is an antique. It will give excellent reliable service under normal conditions. But, it is not waterproof, and it does not contain the modern shock protection devices found in modern watches so may not survive a sudden hard shock, such as being dropped. It could also become subject to magnetism if left for any time adjacent to electrical equipment.

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