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16s Hampden "Wm McKinlay"  21j Full Hunter

16s Hampden "Wm McKinlay" 21j Full Hunter

Here we have a very high grade 16s Hampden Full Hunter in a  very fancy highly engraved/embossed gold filled case.

The movement is a 21jewel "Wm McKinlay" featuring gold jewel settings, gold timing screws, double roller and micro regulator. The nickel movement finished with beautiful damascening and gold engraved script.

The watch was made in 1902 and was fully adjusted to give remarkable time keeping accuracy of a couple of seconds per day. The movement has been fully serviced and a new mainspring fitted so it is running strongly and although not now as accurate as 117 years ago it still keeps time to within a minute per day.

The Gold Filled case is in very good condition, the engraved/embossed design still quite sharp despite some smoothing due to wear. At some point the initials WM have been engraved in the cartouche on the front cover. There is no evident brassing to the case, pendant, crown or bow, all of the hinges straight and operating smoothly, press the crown and the front cover springs open as it should.

The double sunk enamel dial in as new condition and complemented by nicely blued straight hands.

A new crystal has been fitted.

The watch is pendant wound and lever set.

Overall, a fairly rare high quality Hampden in really nice condition.

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