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16 size Waltham 23 jewel Vanguard Railroad watch

16 size Waltham 23 jewel Vanguard Railroad watch

This is a very nice example of the Waltham model 1908 23 jewel Vanguard railroad watch.

This particular watch was made in 1915 and features screw set gold jewel settings, a fully capped escapement, gold timing screws, an "Ohlsen" micro-regulator, and was fully adjusted in 5 positions. The movement was beautifully finished with intricate damascened engravings and gold coloured script. The watch is in excellent mechanical condition as it is running strong and reliably, and also keeping excellent time. It is also in beautiful cosmetic condition showing no staining or errant tool marks.

This watch is pendant wound and lever set (remove the front cover and withdraw the small lever adjacent to the 1 to set the time).

This movement is housed in a lovely 10k gold filled screw on/off front and rear cover case by Keystone watch case company. The case is in extra fine condition with no dents, dings or wear through to brass and with both covers removing and replacing easily.

There is a very good white enamel double sunk Montgomery dial that has a couple of very faint hairlines around the 11, otherwise no chips or cracks. The time indicated by a good set of blued steel heavy spade style hands and all living below a very good acrylic crystal.

Overall a fine example of this very high quality railroader by Waltham that could easily be used every day.


  • care of antique watches.

    Whilst these antique watches are robust and reliable under normal useage they are not waterproof, do not like being dropped or banged against a hard surface, and are susceptble to becoming magnetised if left in close proximity to some electrical appliances.

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